Let’s Start a Positive Discussion

When I was in college, a group of 5-6 of us would sit together around a round table in the dorm cafeteria for dinner. One day, one of the engineering majors asked the whole table, “What was one thing you learned today?” It started an interesting conversation between our little group, which included students in classes ranging from political science to music theory to psychology to aerospace engineering and biology. This question and the conversations became a nightly ritual that I looked forward to every evening. I loved hearing about the fantastic and interesting ways we were learning about our shared world.

Even now, years later, I approach the world with fascination and am passionate about learning. I find that, as I find answers to my questions, I can see more of my world and appreciate its awesomeness. When I go to Oregon’s Pacific shores, I am blown-away because I know that the sand is made-up of minute crystals from long ago volcanoes. I am amazed by the life that lives in the tide-pools, knowing the constant, regular beating these organisms can take as the tide comes in and out.

So, I am an avid learner. I want to share with you what I am learning today so we can really appreciate our wondrous, complex world. Let’s start a positive conversation: “What did you learn about today?”

2 thoughts on “Let’s Start a Positive Discussion

  1. Hoping to see that beautiful state some day and can’t think of a tour guide I would rather have. Learning from you about it all would be very good, but the kaleidoscope of wonder through which you see the world is what would make such a tour truly memorable. Looking forward to your insights!


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